New Vaticants Video Features Militia Vox In Orchestral
Heavy Rock Anthem "Living For Nothing"—OUT NOW!

PRESS RELEASE: Hollywood, CA (2/22/22)

NYC-based vocalist Militia Vox is known for her powerful, haunting, daring and aggressively feminine vocal style. She has worked with Rob Halford (Judas Priest), John Petrucci (Dream Theater), Twisted Sister, Living Colour and is frontwoman for the World's Only All-Female Tribute to the Metal Gods, Judas Priestess.

Joining forces, LA- based orchestral rock band, The Vaticants and Militia Vox showcase their unparalleled talent, diversity and powerful collective energy on this epic masterpiece.

New release “LIVING FOR NOTHING” by The Vaticants ft. Militia Vox is one of the most powerful rock songs to hit the modern music scene. At the height of the pandemic, they connected & collaborated with like-minded musicians from across the globe to create the best possible team to execute this vision.

Vaticants' lead guitarist Marko wanted to redo this Dry Cell (featured on the Queen of the Damned soundtrack) song for 15 years. He and songwriter Judd Gruenbaum (Dry Cell) agreed that "Living For Nothing" has never had more meaning than today!

With relevant lyrics that reflect our current social, economic and emotional climate, “LIVING FOR NOTHING” is an anthem for survival! The song will be available for streaming on March 25, 2022: all platforms. Be there.


Militia Vox

The Vaticants

Dry Cell